Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Craziest Time in the Woods

As I was walking in the woods, admiring the beauty,
I saw a brook that babbled nonstop, so incoherently,
Humming as I strolled the summertime most fruitfully,
I noticed gay purple hummingdirds, accompanying me!

A meadow revealed yellow butterflies so aptly named,
Swarming in the golden sunshine, wild and untamed,
Enjoying their moment of bliss, before sunset flamed,
Putting an end to the hour, that nature had acclaimed!

Then I saw pretty ladybug, refined and full of grace,
Dancing to enchanted breezes, in Queen Anne's lace.
A sudden sound alarmed me, but it was only a rabbit,
Running like the wind, as if it was customary habit!

And when I turned my head to an emerald green tree,
There sat a blue mockingbird, that was teasing me.
The colorful day wore on, until long shadows finally-
Which I became aware, were now shadowing me constantly!
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