Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Braking New Ground

I was a happy housewife and mother, and family was my world,
Like stars peeping at purple twilight, to see moonlight pearled.

My small children were in school, and my husband was a doctor,
As gold sunshine on rosy fields, causes vivid blooms to prosper.

Although we were a happy family, it was a hectic and active life,
As shooting stars race dark space, to explore the fresh nightlife!

My husband's work was demanding, greatly limiting family time,
As blue moods are often limited, just because the weather's fine.

But I got so much enjoyment, from living breezy life day to day,
Just as upon storm's departing, happy children come out to play!

My growing family was happy too, and we were always laughing,
Like ducklings on the sunlit pond, in gaiety are always splashing.

However I still had some dreams, which had never been fulfilled,
I'd always wanted to see the world, places where exotica thrilled.

As restless wind, moon, sea and weather, all is forever changing,
Creating the beauty of timeless seasons, and flowers rearranging.

In all my life I had not traveled, palpably far from my hometown,
Like colorful planets cleave to darkness, while whirling all around.

All began to change in a moment, as we decided upon a vacation,
In a green countryside not too far, so to sightsee lovely creation!

We were all excited and eager, as such getaways for us were rare,
As a rarity of multicolored butterflies, all swirling about in midair!

We began making our plans, finally resolving on going by tour bus;
And we were obliged to bring food, as stress free travel was a plus.

No cell phones were allowed, they didn't want travelers disturbed,
As it's wrong to disturb rainbows, in azure skies where they curve.

We could all use relaxation, a break from chores, school and work,
As golden sun eases off every dusk, to go where the shadows lurk.

Finally the anticipated day arrived, so we happily boarded our bus,
Along with others taking the tour, for vacation time is so precious.

But after sightseeing one hour, the driver stated he had no brakes,
And we were thrown into a panic, as if in a blizzard of snowflakes.

The driver's radio was out too, and he could tell none of our plight,
As fireflies blink off and on in shadows, with plum news of twilight.

Then we were enchanted by the scenery, as we were cruising slow,
As soaring purple martins of summer, having no special place to go.

We reached our destination, but the bus did not slow down or stop,
But kept on cruising lush countryside, with a mountainous backdrop.

The bus driver began to point out sights, for he knew the area well,
Luckily we had another driver aboard, so the other could rest a spell.

The bus was going so slowly, that this transition was not a problem,
So cruising, we had our lunches, amid scenic summer's full blossom.

Still slowly, but quite surely, at last we had toured the whole nation-
When we finally ran out of gas, our apt driver phoned at the station.

So incredibly my dream came true, and my family shared in the trip,
That had lasted two full days, and of our memories it is our favorite!
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