Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Border Town

I dwelt once in a dreamy town, my land was alongside the border,
In a region of natural beauty, next to a crystalline body of water.

From the jade hills of my land, I could clearly see the other side,
Like black midnight sees the stars, when they've no place to hide.

I'd gaze at the beautiful dwellings, in styles quite unlike our own,
And at unalike styles of dress, in the foreign world near my home.

I would often sit and I'd wonder, about the people who lived there,
As we ponder our dreams at night, although not completely aware.

And my mind often wandered, like a deep walk on Lavender Road,
Where red sun sets of an evening, amidst faint croaking of a toad.

I knew that if I yearned to travel, I would not have to go very far,
As bees always search for honey, at a neighboring beauty bazaar.

The days had grown much longer, and hues followed current fads,
Just as they did so long ago, in the young days of our granddads.

And nights were often starless, while clouds were passing through,
Like a cherry sunset on the run, with none predisposed to pursue!

Being one who loved the natural world, I would often go for walks,
Just as those who love to listen, whenever bejeweled beauty talks.

I would sometimes walk for miles, as it was zestful and so healthy,
And the sapphire, ruby and jade colors, made me feel so wealthy.

The summer dance had begun, for all the bluebirds were singing,
In a glister of mellow bloom days, to which the joys were clinging!

I was out walking one morning, when the day bordered on noon,
Like stars and nebulae of hush midnight, border on a pale moon.

On an endless stroll to nowhere, vanished in fluffy chiffon blooms,
Lost in a languorous paradise, on the pathways of pleasant fumes.

I was vigorously going places, on lanes of sundry twists and turns,
But suddenly knew not where I was, as I stood amid green ferns!

Turning I tried retracing my steps, to discover my way once more,
As summer colors and autumn meet, and discover a cool rapport.

I walked for a short while more, when I suddenly noticed a house,
And it looked vaguely familiar, until luscious memory was aroused.

Then I saw the border and my own verdant hills, in an odd reversal,
And I was near the home I'd seen from afar, among fragrant myrtle.

I did not understand the turnabout, but I was glad I'd found home,
As stars seem to stay in place, though they've a tendency to roam.

I did not want to get in trouble, so I swam to my side of Clear Lake;
And luckily no one was about, excepting for a black and white drake.

Looking back across the border, houses did not seem different now,
For they'd become part of my experience, like even's sunset wow!

My home appeared slightly odd, for I had seen it from another shore,
As the sun in its comings and goings, is not quite the same anymore.

A region always ceases to be strange, once you have visited the town,
So in the rosy bloom of tomorrow, maybe the borders will come down!
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