Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Blues in the Background

My life was so exciting and busy, but still I was dissatisfied,
For my job was going nowhere, like blooms with noplace to hide.

I had for long had a dream, of becoming a world famous singer,
But instead I sang backup, for my best friend, a real zinger!

Our group was a huge success, but I thought myself very limited,
Like moonlight at pink dawn, once finding itself much inhibited.

My friend deserved to sing lead, for she had an amazing voice,
But fading into the background, didn't seem the wisest choice.

It wasn't about the money, I wanted to reach my full potential,
Thus I felt I was wasting talent, when using it is so essential!

As the sun shines its fiercest at noon, not ever holding back;
And keeps on chasing darkness, so blue skies won't turn black.

Our group was called Glimmer, and we had been friends forever;
So like blossoms and butterflies, we spoke of breaking up never!

I felt almost invisible, with this growing sense of unhappiness,
As hues fade into night shadows, keeping mystery beauty secrets.

I hadn't shared these feelings, either with family or my friends,
As flowers don't tend to compare, the current fragrance trends!

One afternoon we gave a concert, and folks came from everywhere,
Fans screamed to golden sunshine, as purple martins flew in air.

And as the birds above us warbled, our group sang louder still;
And people danced in the grass, full of green summertime thrill!

While I sat on my porch much later, in the shadowy sunset hours,
I was brooding like approaching night, not noticing the flowers.

It was the same old song with me, that thinking only of myself,
And not counting my many blessings, as if there were no one else.

The birds still sang loudly nearby, drowning out all other sounds,
As the scent of a nearby bloom, is one that completely surrounds.

But suddenly as I watched, the moon in the heavens disappeared;
And without reflections of solar glory, evening felt very weird!

Then the frog that I'd long been hearing, albeit unconsciously,
Suddenly ceased with his ribbits, leaving eventide less lovely.

The ducks stopped quacking next, in the growing line of sorrows,
Like the sorrow at the edge of winter, experienced by a blue rose.

In a moment the raucous crickets grew still, silenced all as one,
Leaving me bereft as a masterpiece, abandoned before it is done!

I sat on the swing in perplexity, and counted my vanishing joys,
As ruby sun turned to deep purple, missing the melodious noise!

Next the honking geese were silenced, on a strange night of nights,
Like stars winking out at once, when you see your name in lights.

But the birds still sang their oblivion, in the sweetest harmony,
Yet I was not so very pleased, for the other music was dear to me!

As I looked to vacant skies in grief, I knew I'd had the good life,
Like bees' high low search for honey, when exotic blooms are rife!

We can't all be exactly the same, some are rich and some are poor,
But we each have our own special part, our own individual grandeur.

We each play supporting roles, with some more visible than others.
Often a background has more charm, it is whatever beauty embroiders.

For the loss of my friend buzzing bee, my sad tears began to fall;
But the moon happily reappeared, thus ending the tearful waterfall.

One by one vocalists returned, in the glory of a moonlight chorus.
I cared not who sang where, only that its mixed sound was gorgeous!

These days full silver moon, moves round and round tangerine sun,
And Glimmer still has its sparkle, as the sun when its on the run!
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