Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago

April Show-ers

I was a zealous meteorologist, which I had been for a long time,
As the roving years work diligently, to create a very fine wine.

So content in my fond vocation, many deemed me tops in my field,
As golden sunshine streams from above, causing nature to yield!

Weather had long allured me, and I found its patterns riveting,
Like hearing thunder miles away, even when you're not listening.

People I knew often consulted me, and I loved giving forecasts,
As wise women, instead of a Romeo, search for a love that lasts.

Not just blue skies enthralled me, but I loved gazing at stars,
And being in natural settings, and multicolored sunset memoirs!

Fair or foul weather was rarely, able to catch me by surprise,
As afternoon meets plum dusk, when butterflies amaze fireflies!

We were in the difficult days, of a prolonged, pitiless drought,
As a river running dry, is doleful remembrance of nature's clout.

It was the year of failing crops, and the flowers all were dying,
And the trees had become sere, for the sky became weary of crying.

My occupation had become cheerless, and for the very first time;
As painted flowers become cheerless, as autumn ends their prime.

Time and again I was asked, when will this heat wave be through?
Like all hours of darkling night, grass gathers the morning dew.

Luckily there was a park near me, with a lovely, cool waterfall,
Where I often went to beat the heat, and to get away from it all.

The park was very beautiful, with lush grass and blooms now sere,
Sadly drooping their heads to ground, dreaming of a lavish year!

But despite all of these things, the location still enchanted me,
In the way one is enchanted, to gain a bit of paradise for free!

I relished hills geese and songbirds, of which the park was rife,
As a clock once it became human, would have the time of its life!

It was the month of April, and skies a dauntless sapphire blue,
The color that lives in memory, for long after the sun withdrew.

But sitting in serenity, thoughts of drought returned to my mind,
As a gentle, searching, restless wind, that always seems to find.

My calm and happy mood evaporated, like remnants of sweet dreams,
When the pastel dawn comes softly, and nothing is what it seemed!

But suddenly a wet drop hit me, before another fell and another,
Like one who's waited ever so long, finally greeting their lover.

Wondrous things began happening, just as the rain fell to earth,
The flowers regained color blooming again, in a sudden rebirth!

I sat there happily astonished, and wildly laughing in the rain,
Like the gleaming natural smiles, habitual in prosperity's reign.

I rose and began promenading, all through the torrential downpour.
A glimpse of beauty at its natural best, makes one yearn for more.

So I wandered down the winding path, of vivid resurrected flowers,
As ones touring finest art museums, expect to see beauty any hour!

Flowers of every hue and description, put on their brand new faces,
As the courses of sweet memory, follows in haunting beauty's traces!

The golden sun came out beaming, even though silver rain still fell,
And grass and trees were green again, greatly savoring a wet spell.

As did the rainbow hastily appearing, with a hued upside down smile,
Cherished as old friends accompanying one, down some countless miles.

That was an April I'll always remember, as it put on quite a show,
For it's not common seeing blooms come alive, anywhere you may go!
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