Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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An Old Fashioned Love

I was a dedicated, expert arborist, bringing joy and comfort to shady spaces,
As mountains give cool joy to blooms, in butterscotch afternoon's last traces.

A love of trees grew in youth, when climbing our oak, four hundred years old,
Then having fun in my tree house, soaked in fervor of sunshine uncontrolled.

I kept gnarled, graceful trees healthy, giving pleasure and beauty to big eyes,
In the greenest possible idle fashion, like the plummy sunrise, full of surprise.

Good friends and I picnicked under its limbs, as it was still in the noble family,
Like impressible clouds soak up sun hues, that mellow hordes admire happily.

Family and I flitted into a gilded future, loving each other and our happy lives,
Season to glorious, prolific season, like the time green, wanton spring arrives.

I lived in the house of dappled sun, where a maize orb played hide and seek;
And redbirds sang lullabies noon and nights, every day of the Chantilly week.

Vivacious neighbors came with laughter, like chirpy raucous sound of crickets;
And sat upon my sunny front porch steps, as butterflies flitted in the thickets.

The street I lived on was quaint and perfumed, by painted roses of the hour,
Like fresh baked apple pies on Sundays, with their irresistible, alluring power.

Sultry summer was in redolent sachets, like sunshine tapping on the window;
And joy was on each pleasant pathway, like primroses that've ever been low.

Moonlight caressed vast fruitful fields, in the cool of dramatic, starlit evening,
As pearly dewdrops caress lush, emerald grass, when blue world is dreaming.

One day I discovered a serious disease, that was affecting the precious Oak!
A cure would require time and patience, like the cool exit of aromatic smoke.

My gorgeous tree had ever been healthy, as premier green buds, very many.
It'd been in our family for generations, like sweetest, ripe fruits, table ready!

I gave the beloved tree fond care, like the care nature gives to hues blazing,
While applying many remedies, like waltzing foliage as lofty music is playing.

Family members were concerned, yet hopeful, like jade spring late in coming,
But the magnificent tree began to improve, at intervals of the bees humming.

Hard work was rewarded after some time, like the sun's travels through dark;
And the northern red oak was healthy again, like red flame catching a spark.

We still enjoy its shifting, dusky shadows, and the crimson butterflies gliding,
As foaming turquoise waves bring joy, when silk, mellow seagulls are hiding.

The family and I were really ecstatic, for we sure had missed our family tree,
It was beloved of family for generations, like sweetest, ripe fruit, table ready!
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