Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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A World Without Pity Part II

I will begin my story with this concise summary,
Of the amazing things that have happened to me;

After I had lost a home, where I'd lived my life long,
So they could build a highway, for the busy throng!

The city had emminent domain, and so it was no use,
And they had paid me dearly, for an uneasy truce.

On the wrecking day, I went home for a last goodbye;
And I'd gone up to pack, with a sad tear in my eye.

But, my bedroom door had turned into an odd portal,
That took me to a place unseen by fellow mortals!

A dreary parallel earth, that lacked any compassion,
Where aloofness and wars, were the usual fashion.

After a cheerless day there, I was able to escape,
Back to my own planet, and correct the mistake.

The razing went as planned, to my great relief,
For I didn't want that portal to cause others grief!

But, this episode must've cast upon me some spell,
For all who see me now, go off wishing others well!

The day of the demolition, as I was on my way home,
My strange new power, suddenly became to me known.

Like the rumbling of thunder that enlightens the sky,
Or the clock's lazy ticking, tells of days going by!

I saw two men in a park, who were coming to blows,
Like a fireplace that flickers, just before it glows.

One of them threw a punch, with an infuriated glare,
But, when he saw me, his fist stopped in midair!

But, what he did next, took me quite by surprise,
For he embraced his foe, with smiles like a sunrise!

His enemy was confused, and it showed on his face,
But with softened mien, he returned the hug with grace.

I might have mistaken all this for mere coincidence,
Except for similar things that have occurred to me since.

Such as that scary night, when I was about to be robbed,
But he saw me as I turned, and backed up and sobbed.

And the crook turned and ran clear away from me then,
After he'd yelled out, "I will never do this again!"

I am apparently blessed to possess this strange gift,
As a gardener is blessed with the fragrancies sniffed.

So, I determined to make this world a better place,
By electing each location, to decorously show my face!

I've joined benevolent societies, all devoted to good,
And impacted them greatly, as I'd hoped that I would.

I've even met the president, who'd been keen on war;
Those nations now are allies, with naught to fight for!

Like warm breezes blowing through jade meadows of morn,
As agreeable and welcoming as a friendship reborn.

I resolved to travel the world, so to broaden my impact,
While the focus of world leaders, I tried to attract.

I took to wearing bright clothing, so I would stand out,
As an orange flame in ebon darkness, that has larger clout!

And gradually, I saw that my world had begun to change,
As if everything within it, had slowly been rearranged.

It was more tranquil and loving, and happier by far,
Like the delight of fruition, after wishing upon a star!

To celebrate, I took a trip to the bustling Big Apple.
It was exciting and fun, for I really love to travel.

Lastly, I set out to see the famed Statue of Liberty,
But, upon reaching the site, only emptiness did I see!

The shock of this moment, nearly induced me to swoon,
Like the drowsiness one feels, in the presence of moon!

I began asking people where the huge landmark had gone,
And that's when the unhappy truth, upon me began to dawn.

Not one person I met had heard of a Statue of Liberty,
I might as well have been referring to a woodland fairy!

I was in yet another alternate earth, far from my own,
Without the remotest possibility of ever getting home!

Like an entrancing shooting star, which never turns back,
Or a flower that cannot mourn for golden sunshine's lack.

I've lived here for years now, and have come to love it,
And I fancy watching bright birds, and butterflies flit.

And seeing spirited, children, laughing in the sunshine,
Like the colors of beauty gardens, ever seem so very fine!

And surely I'm delighting in less news of war these days,
Like a fog when lifting, revealing warmth of sun rays.

Unavoidably, sometimes I do wonder what might have been,
As the moonlight wonders about blue skies it's never seen!

But, my new earth home has afforded me never-ending joy,
For a wish became reality, when I became a peace envoy!

And although this planet may not be the earth of my birth,
As I look around, I think to myself, "Home Sweet Earth!"
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