Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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A World Without Pity

After wishing me a good morning, he said that it was all set,
It was time to raze the house, even though I wasn't in debt!

But they wanted to build a big highway, exactly in this spot,
Like a beaver zealously builds his dam, by any means he's got.

The city had emminent domain, which was certainly the way of it.
Though offered twice the home's value, I liked it not one bit.

"The tree on this lot is a hundred years old," I said to the man,
And for three generations, this house has belonged to my clan!

Most of life's joys and sorrows, were etched in these old walls,
Like shadows etched upon the earth, when late afternoon calls!

But the man gave me a solemn look, that was also somewhat confused,
And he said if I didn't leave just then, I'd be forcibly removed!

As I sadly turned to go upstairs, a great tear fell from my eye,
For I had hasty packing to do, at the sunny, warm end of July.

At my bedroom door, I turned the knob, stepping into thin air,
Never in my wildest dreams, had I imagined nothing being there!

I soon found myself sitting dizzily, unhurt upon my back lawn,
And as the front yard soon revealed, the wreckers had all gone.

Everything looked somewhat altered, but it also looked the same;
As if a fundamental change had occurred, that hadn't any name.

Though sunshine gleamed up above, its warmth had strangely abated;
As the appearance of trees changes, once summer becomes dated!

And all the blooms wore dull colors now, even those on my own lawn,
Like the tediousness that is often felt, once the rainbow has gone.

And the garden scents which had so rioted, mere moments before,
Had departed in the instant, and were not perceptible anymore!

All of the foliage was green, but a certain vibrancy was lacked,
Like a cloudy night sky, where jeweled stars once were stacked!

The houses that once were hued so gay, seemed now to be a bit faded,
Like the driftwood upon a sunny beach, where waves have long abraded.

The birds were rather silent now, though I spied one now and then,
Floating through the lazy air, in this new and mysterious when.

I decided I should go to work, since there was time to catch my bus,
For I still had many bills to pay, and I wasn't rich or famous.

I saw my neighbor as I was leaving, so I greeted her with a wave;
But, a curious and distracted look, was all in return she gave.

I saw many stray cats and dogs, that looked rather hungry and lean,
Among them were my neighbors' pets, or those that once had been!

At the corner stand, I picked up a newspaper, to read along the way,
And bring back some sense of normalcy, to this most peculiar day.

At the bus stop I sat down to read, and learn of this world's news.
"Grumpy Times," the headline read, and I knew this place had the blues!

While an angry face emoticon, beside this bold banner was placed,
What shocked me most, was that key world events, were somehow replaced!

There were wars that I'd never heard of, and endless political strife;
And with tensions and deep hostilities, the news of the world was rife.

Like the chaos a tornado brings, when riding the dull clouds of summer,
Or the band that has somehow lost its beat, due to a strange drummer!

When the bus arrived, I saw I'd dropped my wallet, just a few feet away,
"Hang on," I said to the driver, but he roared off, to my great dismay.

I finally arrived at work, though frazzled and only ten minutes late,
But my surprisingly stern boss fired me, with demeanor calm and sedate!

There was nothing to do but return home, and try to figure out some plan,
So, I went home and had dinner, then grew drowsy relaxing on the divan.

Sleepily, I went upstairs to bed, and too late realized my big mistake,
As my shocked and drowsy double, was hurled into the hallway in my wake!

I found myself on my lawn unhurt, and once again in cheery sunshine,
So, I entered through the backdoor, and packed a few things of mine.

As the clock on the wall revealed, mere moments had passed since my exit,
But, by now I was used to time and space, pushing reality to the limit!

My furniture had been removed days ago, and today I'd come to say goodbye,
Goodbye to the home I'd loved very well, and also to have a good cry.

Like a bird says goodbye to northern skies, as it senses the coming fall,
Or the vast tulip fields of the spring, that don't remember winter at all!

I knew I was in my own world again, because everything looked like home,
In the same way every honeybee, recognizes their own singular honeycomb!

I opened the front door and stepped back outside, while smiling joyfully,
And the wreckers all did a double take, for they didn't expect this of me!

"All right, fellows, let the demolition begin!" I very cheerfully cried.
"I changed my mind. I don't want this old place. I was well paid, besides."

While scratching heads with befuddled looks, they soon commenced their work,
But, every once in a while, I was regarded with an amused little smirk.

With a happy heart I watched, as the side with my bedroom was torn down;
And soon the house itself was a pile of rubble, lying upon the ground!

"I will miss you not," I said to myself, as I turned around to head home,
For, my home was the whole of planet earth, and nevermore would I roam!
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