Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago

A Sunshine Revolution

I was attending a birthday party, once when summer was young.
We played games on the back lawn, beneath the huge orange sun.

Colorful birds were tweeting, almost the way that people do,
To say good morning sunshine, what is new, and I do love you!

The guest of honor was a friend, at an all day crowded affair,
Like southern bound hummingbirds, which linger long in midair.

She'd thought she was coming to lunch, but she stayed for hours,
Like yesterday's rosebuds, have transformed to scarlet flowers.

In the green grass we frolicked, laughing all through the day,
Wondering if there had ever been, a morning lovely as that day!

It had rained all the week, so the sunshine was long overdue,
And we laughed and celebrated life, under the skies newly blue.

As blooms blushed ecstatic colors, in all scents of the season,
Along the avenue of trees, emerald green for no special reason.

Pink birthday cake and ice cream, were served there in the yard.
I asked what my friend's wish was, for she seemed to think hard!

She said she wished every day, could be as joyful as that day;
And we praised her special wish, before all sang Happy Birthday.

As afternoon turned deep golden, we all laughed talked and ate,
Like a pause in the beat of summer, when joy waits at the gate.

Afterwards we indulged in more games, and lastly in Simon Says.
On command I twirled round and round, as by me scenery whizzed!

Everything within my whole world, soon became one golden blur!
When Simon said stop it kept on spinning, like butterflies astir.

My friends laughed at my confusion, as I took it all in stride,
As stars veil in orange dawn shadows, so from daylight to hide!

After a terrifically fun day, the kind that you remember forever,
I headed home in late shadows, happy with the surprise endeavor.

But glancing at the still blue skies, something caught my eyes,
Redbirds were flying in a circle, when usually it is lengthwise!

And in the sun's red light, blooms described circles in a breeze,
As lit fireflies formed the letter O, just as casual as you please.

I told myself it was the aftereffects, of all the spinning round,
But I didn't believe myself, as the effects are never so profound.

When I later lay in moonlight, I dreamed of a sunshine carousel;
And its vivid blur of motion, like the pinwheels we know so well!

The next day I was out walking, when I noticed the clock tower,
Its hands spinning wildly, like the green butterflies' chaos hour.

What kind of spin had the world gone in, in a moment of suddenly?
Had a birthday wish caused it to be, the results from sea to sea?

Like the notes of a beautiful song, can chase all the blues away,
For somewhere lost in melody, sorrow forgets what it had to say!

I saw children playing tag, while they ran gaily in a neat circle,
And a shooting star go round the mountain, as skies turned purple.

The next day it rained again, as the sun kept on fiercely shining;
And the sky kept its vivid blue, in lemony sunshine perfect timing!

I am so glad my friend got her wish, and had a memorable birthday,
Like a flower strewn wedding, occurring some memorable Thursday.

The revolution seems everlasting, for the world never changed back;
And there is prevailing gaiety, ever since the saffron days attack!
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