Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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A Strong Force

I was an illustrious, nuclear physicist, and I was studying the strong force,
Holding together building blocks of all atoms, as stars hold to their course.

That force joins roaming quarks, which neutrons and photons are made of;
And it also holds together photons and neutrons, like subatomic true love.

This produces the atomic nucleus, allowing for all element producing ability.
I loved studying these dynamics, which create matter's underlying stability.

Fashionable friends and I were like birds of a feather, on fancy Friday eves,
When we hit the feverish town of flashing lights, as red sun began to leave.

Fine, fretful family finally visited me, after furious, fateful storms had fled;
And pink-orange sun beamed warmly, to chase away all raven, dark dread.

I lived in the house of dancing pearly moon, at the dark side of mellow sun,
Awash in mystic, milky memories, much featured in ghostly, dream visions.

The sea's sounding surf was steadily heard, on my silver maple lined street;
And mermaids swam in greenest depths, in buttery daydreams, bittersweet.

Neighbors grew nasturtiums like I never knew, in many rich, natural colors,
Never failing to bring a nice bouquet, bestowing vivid joy to plum summers.

A duskiness shy sun was westering, when bronzed days had grown too old;
And fragrant, lavender fields bore wild joy, under creamy clouds that rolled.

The woodland ball was graced by Queen Anne's lace, as stars afar sparkled;
And 'yes' was giving nature's favored word, as magenta songbirds marveled.

I was walking on the beach one peach day, when the skies rapidly darkened;
And roaming wind and waves went wild as one, like a grievance unpardoned!

I rushed up the dunes to higher ground, and to that cellar of beloved home,
For a furious hurricane was upon us, a time of thunder, rain, wind and foam!

I passed my favorite crimson rose, as I hurried inside my broad, oaken door.
Then, I felt a sudden twinge of sadness, thinking I might never see it more.

The awful weather raged for hours, like shriek winds hurling colored leaves;
And as red deserts endure dry spells, I rode out the storm, lashing the eaves!

The will to live is also a strong force. Both red rose and I survived unscathed,
And neighbors also escaped major damage, like marmalade sky, sun bathed.

The most fragile of things can be the mightiest, like flowers in the sidewalks,
For in life, little things are everything, from purple butterflies, to nighthawks.
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