Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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A Change of Scenery

I was reclining upon soft pillows, in my spacious window seat,
Savoring pretty views and sunshine, while I nibbled on a treat.

Alternately I read my novel, and gazed on the tranquil scene,
As one gazes at blue sky clouds, to ponder why they're cream!

Though content in this moment, lately I'd been feeling bored-
That my life was so unexciting, no adventure would be untoward.

Perhaps I needed a vacation, to observe new places and things,
As a gardener vacates to blooms, seeing what a new day brings.

Throughout the gentle springtime, I had rosy dreams of change,
As summer waited in purple shadows, eager for seasonal exchange!

The windows were wide open, and I delighted in a warm breeze,
And the multicolored flowers, and birdsongs in emerald trees.

My book was so very interesting, I'd not looked up in a while,
But I saw when I finally did, nature had taken on a new style!

In complete astonishment I gaped, at trees of different colors,
Apricots to deep purples, as if other suns were their lovers.

Red yellow orange and blue leaves, quivered softly in a breeze,
Giving charm and otherworldly beauty, to their respective trees!

In a moment such things can happen! In the next all is strange!
And I tried in some way to process, the sudden beauty rearrange.

But there was clearly no denying, that it all looked very nice,
Like a dish rendered irresistible, because of a certain spice.

It was hard to stop my staring, still I couldn't do it forever,
So I returned to my book, hoping for yet more natural treasure!

After I'd read for a short while, I peeked out toward paradise,
And though it resembled my garden, this one I hardly recognized.

Like the sunshine playing peekaboo, when comes the cloudy day;
Then turning feverishly golden, once it's finally had its way!

Tree leaves were now ivory colored, a charming impact to summer;
And blooms were concentric circles, each ring a different color!

The blue skies high above me, were hosting strange lilac clouds,
Like the host of a gala party, when welcoming the happy crowds.

What had happened to my garden? And what had happened to my life?
The sun shone ultra white, at the other side of ebony nightlife!

In life strange things can happen, which one cannot comprehend;
And in a world of mysteries, our ignorance with knowledge blends.

When once again I peeked at summer, the scenery was much the same,
Except for red jays and blue cardinals, and birds I couldn't name.

There were animals in bright new coats, some I barely recognized,
As it is hard to perceive a leopard, when he wears a new disguise!

I saw no more such wonders, from that enraptured moment 'til this,
Like the last purple rose of summer, has departed without a kiss!

I learned the valuable lesson, that moments are not big and small,
But every second is precious, and we're wise to treasure them all!

And we do not need to be rushing, in search of the latest thrill,
But must appreciate familiar environs, and joys of standing still!
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