Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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A Basket Case

I was a private detective, and I was deemed one of the best,
As the colorful tulip fields, are forever attracting guests.

My skills seemed often in demand, and indeed kept me moving,
As gold days seem to go red, from our sun's endless cruising!

I loved my work a great deal, for I had an inquisitive mind,
As birdwatchers revel in vivid days, admiring each new find.

I was often quite busy, but rarely took extensive time off,
As day and night at twilight, long for a beautiful faceoff!

But I would say I was happy, even with one serious failing,
That being habitual nervousness, like all doubts assailing.

I feel that the problem arose, from my being a perfectionist,
And striving to get every detail, exactly the way I wished!

This worked well for end results, but not well for my nerves,
As the clock ticking off moments, can seem to tick off hours.

But I was a super sleuth, like the moonlight probing night,
And I would do most anything, to change a wrong into right.

So despite all of my inner disquiet, my practice prospered,
As ebony night has prospered, once red sun's again martyred!

We were in the midst of summer, on a blue August afternoon,
And I heard my doorbell ring, but didn't get there too soon.

When I finally opened the door, I saw only a covered basket,
But not a soul was around, so I went indoors to look at it.

Inside it was a picnic lunch, with a note strangely unsigned.
The note said, "You deserve a break. Kindly relax and unwind!"

As a clock's hands unwind, to create the sunlit, happy hours;
And we should take advantage, before silk moonlight whispers.

The next day was Saturday, so with my friends I had a picnic.
We relished the huge lunch, and hiked until skies were vivid.

What a wonderful day it was, for I felt so relaxed and alive,
As vibrant birds feel alive, when waked by the sun after five!

I thought that act was the end of it, but such was not to be,
For the delightful mysterious baskets, kept being sent to me.

Sometimes I found books, often music, and regularly good food,
But the things my baskets held, often put me in a restful mood.

As my work was solving riddles, I could not let this one pass,
As booming thunder refused to let pass, a blue lightning flash!

The mysterious gift giver, always gave what I seemed to need,
And that was my toughest case, one involving stealth and speed!

I began looking for clues, but I could not find much to go on,
As bees have nothing to go on, after sweet flowers have gone.

Finally a neighbor noted in passing, what a nice friend I had,
To often leave me lovely gifts. I should be thankful and glad.

And there it was, a tough case solved, and quite by accident;
For I suddenly knew just who it was, it was my friend Vincent!

He often said I should slow down, and enjoy life a little more,
That I was too nervous and edgy, like creatures in a downpour.

With tears in my eyes I thanked him, the very next time we met,
Feeling blessed to have dear friends, as moon is night's asset!

Afterwards I relaxed more, for I was taught the lesson with love,
As at the dawn's rosy edge, you wonder what you were dreaming of.

I often adore reminiscing, on what came to be my toughest case,
Solved not by me, but my neighbor, unmasking a known dear face!
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