Eva M. (Golden) Byrnes

Lawrenceburg, Tennessee

For God Take A Stand

Why are they burning our churches down?
The evil seems to be spreading all around.
Questions, questions, we can't understand,
Why there's so much hate and crime in our land.

God created us all, Red, yellow, white or black,
There's not one of us to whom He'd turn His back.
Our Lord Jesus said, "Love one another,"
For each of us is the other ones brother.

We look around and say, but what can I do?
"Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you."

Then maybe there would be less hate in our land,
The answers is, love of God and country my friend.

God gives us a choice, so for God take a stand.
God said, "Obey my laws and I'll heal your land."
Just walk hand in hand in peace and love,
The God will pour out His blessing from above.

Since time began Satan sowed his evil seeds,
He gave mankind, lust, hate and greed.
Now they kill, bomb, and burn churches today,
But my friend God will have the last say.
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