Elizabeth Sorrell

March 26, 2003 - Mount Sterling, Kentucky


Emotions, none the same
More or less sensitive
Affecting all differently
Involving the way we cope
Can kill us or make us stronger

Every time you get hurt
A small, tiny piece
of your heart,mind,or soul follows
Rather the situation be big or small
How it affects you
Or even me
Will never cross paths

But where do we follow?
To our hearts or our minds
Which is more important?
The answer, is up to you
Only you can know how you feel truly

As humans
With our thought process is delicate
Easy to break down
And easy to never build back up

But never forget
That our mind is strong
And will fight to help you
But if you don’t try
Your hurting yourself
Breaking yourself apart

So yes we are delicate
But we are strong Enough
to live free from pain
To be happy and confident
Choose to be delicate but happy
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