Dennis Howard

Asher, KY

I'M Anxious

I'm anxious to see by return mail what the board of directors think about these poems and how they do prevail
If they want this to be showed on the Internet, it will put my mind to rest
and let me go on thinking that I have done my best.

Now, me and Becky and our little dog went out in the back woods, to hunt a ground hog
We stopped to rest about half way up on the hill to let the little dog hunt as long as it will
Soon he started barking up next to the top and I said come on honey
Let's see what he has got and as I started digging in its den.
It didn't take long to tell that it was a skunk we souls tell by the smell
From our experience some things are better left alone as we said good by to the skunk.
And we headed for home.
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