Csriena Weaver

Two Worlds

Whispers of “You don’t belong ~
Escape while still you can, ”
Echoing against my ear, begging me to listen

The freezing damp sends tendrils to the bone
the cobblestone, the cobblestone
‘t is so empty, ‘t is so gray
‘t is so far from home

The street lamp illuminates my small world
glowing in the misty night
darkness shrouds me all around
and I know myself to be quite alone

Murmurs of “You don’t belong ~
Leave this wretched place, ”
Surrounds me, engulfs me, implores me

And I wonder to myself what will become of here
for if there is no one to see it
will it still exist?

If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around…
Does it make a sound?

I glance around and realize I haven’t much a choice
my legs have already carried me
far and far and far away
and I’m already halfway home

But then I turn back, one final farewell

And the sun is shining and the breeze is rustling and the brook is bubbling and the birds are singing and
Why did I ever want to leave? What foolishness is this?

I run back to my foreign land, all thoughts of home forgotten
What fool wants home when they have more?
But perhaps I have been away too long,
For what place can be better than the familiar halls of

Oh, but look! a puppy too
A laughing, rolling, playful pup
And I know myself to be welcome here – and gone so long, am I really welcome there?
But eternity does not exist
And sooner than a blink
The sun’s gone out the rain has come the deep darkness all around
Nothing left but cobblestone
The cobblestone, the cobblestone –
And voices all around me

Mumbling of a better day

“You don’t belong ~
why must you stay? ”

But I live – I live for those sunny days when the darkness clears and I am not alone
But home, I want to go home
And caught between two worlds I stay
The only place I know.
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