Correina MacRae

Without You

Without you I’m still beautiful, talented
and smart.
Without you I am still just me
and my world is still all torn apart.
Without you I am still loving, fun to be with,
and enthusiastic.
Without you I can still live each day and
my troubles, still move past them.
Without you I am still the girl that
no one understands.
Without you I can still make a difference
and move on with my future plans.
Although, without you I still feel lonely and
like a part of me isn’t there.
Without you I am alone but yet
I still don’t really even care.
Without you I still love you and
want to see you once again.
Without you the world keeps turning,
rivers and roads still curve and bend.
Without you, for me there is a new beginning,
but I still want what I had with you back again.
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