Correina MacRae

Locked Away

I feel locked inside this trap,
I can’t breathe or move.
I don’t understand them,
They don’t understand me.
They don’t want me here
and I don’t want to be.
I miss my independence,
my wings and my dreams.
I miss the person I used to be,
I miss being able to just, be me.
I hate this mask of strength
and defeat I walk around with
each day.
I hate the people who try to drag me
down and misunderstand my morals
and gentle spirit.
I’d help them see but they don’t want
to hear it or believe it.
My dreams are like a broken mirror,
easy to see, but forever lost.
I can’t seem to wake up out of
this coma I’ve been in the past while.
All I do is cry and yell,
it seems impossible to smile.
I won’t lie to you, I’m not happy,
you’ve clipped my wings and
grounded me here, I feel
silent and bound.
To me this world is Hell,
so instead of facing the world
I stay locked away inside of what
seems to be a cell.
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