Connie Coss

Brigham City, UT, USA


In my opinion, for what it's worth,
Sheep are the dumbest animals on earth.
One sheep will start to wander and the rest will fall in line,
Where ever the lead one wants to go, the rest think that's just fine.
Now sheep don't like the water, except to drink a little bit.
You try to get their wool wet, they'll likely have a fit.
Sometimes they will lay down to rest and stay right where they lie.
If you don't go and kick them up, they'll lay right there and die.
That's why I think Jesus was always telling his crew,
"Feed my sheep and watch over them and see that they don't stray, too."
He often called us humans sheep, and sometimes I'm sure it's true,
'Cause humans can be pretty dumb in things they say and do.
One time we had a dumb old ewe, she thought she was a cow,
She followed our milk cows around, even swam the river somehow.
Her favorite cow we called Old Red, she was red as she could be.
Our Holstein was a big old thing, and we had named her Old Tiny.
We finally had to sell Old Red she was getting up in years.
The way she started wandering round, I think she'd stripped some gears.
Why that dumb old ewe laid down and died, now I don't mean to be blunt.
But I think she found out she was a sheep, and died of embarrassment.
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