Charles Lamar Nelson

Oxford, Mississippi, USA

America's Frontier

All is varied with flowers gay
And the soul, expressive as the sun!
Aloft, carefree, I dream dreams to be
Among the forlorn bones of war-torn frames!
And now, knowing angels as prophetic things
The world of aridity
No longer clings to these myriad dead,--
Whose hearts well knew an American freedom--
A perpetual frontier, forever tread!
And now, brave martyrs' passing
As an immortal record into the minds of men!
Conscious, always alive, within:
Given rise to a constinuous functional America
Whose challenge is the stir of courage
And the remitttance of tears
And a bow of prayer for them.
I record emotion: for I am their poet:
Drenched in sorrow: knowing the repentance of each...
Knowing the depletion of each...
And the dearest decided upon for keeps...
While the vanity of the world swiftly passes away,
And the permanency of the future unfolds
...And the carcasses grow sturdy grasses
Yielding the purpose of life.
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