Ceyx Kingfisher

December 23rd, 1977 - The Netherlands
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Y’all come crying,
When I’m dying.

Y’all are squealing,
While I’m dealing.

Not this, not that,
No way, you say,


Save me.

You say,


Just, save me.

You say, you say,
You say, just,
Just, save me.

So slam this ice, this brick,
My house, our methods,
My wall, your fall,
All this don’t faze me.
Don’t faze me.

Don’t faze me, you don’t faze me.
Don’t face me, you don’t faze me.
Don’t face me, you can’t face me.
Can’t face me, I can’t face me.

I can’t face myself,
I just can’t save myself.
Can’t save myself,
Can’t face your other else.

But I see you,
I can save you,
I can face you,
I can face you,
I can save you,
Save someone else,


Just, save me,
Please don’t save me,
Save yours, and
Save ourselves.

Save yourself, you can save yourself.
Your self, you can have your self.
Your self, your hells,
Just all your selves,
Ain’t no one else.

Save me,
Save ours,
And save your selves,
Save your selves,
Save our selves
From all these hells,
All these hells and all these bells,
All these belles and golden selves,


Just, save me.
Please, don’t save me.
Just save me,
Or I will.


Save yourselves,
Save all our selves,
And save us all,
Or I will.

Or I will.

Oh, I will.
I will. I will save us all,
I will it.

And, I will,
Forever, I will
Save yourself,
From yourself,
My self from your self.
Save forever,
Save together,
Oh, I will.
I will. Oh, I will.
I will save your selves.
Forever, forever,
Save you forever,
I will it.
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