Cash Olds

July 23, 1993- Joplin, Mo
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You are within arms reach,
Close enough to share the luring smell of your perfume,
close enough always, to bathe in your presence.
No more farther than a drunkard to his drink, you are never farther than a glance away.

desolate ruin is my nature
pain is it's very essence.
I've ripped apart yours,
as well as my very own heart.
not nearly as strong as trees,
who in storms merely sway.
For I had fallen in the winds of my own way.

So then It was I who put the staggering distance between our love.
a reciprocation of your love
I may never again know.
Because it is I who boarded your love
upon a train headed afar.
Yet still you are close.
Close enough to bathe in your presence
When I stretch the arm of my mind inward
as far as it's limb can grasp.

It is there I can join you.
It is there I confide in you.
Your love, It is there.
It is there I can be burned upon the fire, so as to feel something true.
So as to feel the love I have lost in you.

Always far, but always near.
It was once my fear.
But now what i hold most dear.
That is,
To only be able to hold you in my mind.
And In no other,
happiness has been able
to present itself for me to find.
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