Carl Rex

August 26, 1990 - India
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The Lonely One

The night was cold with heavy dew
The day was still afar
A mournful voice with words so few
Was heard in starkest jar

That voice I knew so intimate
But ne'er before in fear
In early morn or night so late
Was always full of cheer

Awed went I to take a look
At the trembling voice
Behold the man was in a nook
Struggling with a choice

The swaying form then stood up
Looking for its friends
To show to them His bitter cup
His form it slowly tends

Where are my friends He looked around
Searching for their form
Alas He finds them on the ground
Deep with sleep as norm

No one to help Him hold the cup
The trembling choice at hand
Should the cup be drunk and sup
Or left alone to stand

Why should you die for sleeping ones
Who have no sympathy?
Said a voice in mocking tones
Should they be let go free?

Will no one help me hold the cup
Should I drink it alone?
His yearning heart was breaking up
His voice in tearful mourn

He lifts his eyes and looks again
His friends in sleep so deep
Full of pity He decided then
No price will be too steep

If I should die alone I will
No matter what the cost
If grave fore'er would hold me still
I still will save the lost

Till I see them sit with me
I'll never really rest
In My home forever free
Eternally blest

Having made this decision
He looked his cup once more
He stepped now with precision
To His destined shore

Dear one do you feel all alone
With no one to comfort?
That tender voice is heard from throne
'twas for you I was hurt

Won't you look to me for might
In times of loneliness?
I'll enfold you in my light
Eternal happiness
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