Brendon Hall

December 27, 1992 - Connecticut
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Black Magic

Winter rolls in just in time to freeze my heart
Close my eyes and take me back to the start
Before the storm rolls in and black magic clouds my brain
Can’t help but wonder how long I can sustain

A corrupted heart, thoughts darker than the abyss walked
The remedy flowing through my veins, as I lose my ability to talk
Strolling through the valley of the shadow of death
Looking around and notice I’m the last one left

Purple rain, codeine cocktails, my hearts over ice
Oxycodone in excess as I roll the dice

As I lay down my head to rest,
There’s a nagging feeling I can’t shake that I must confess
Can’t help but to think how I don’t want to see the sun rise
In the darkness I belong, death a welcome surprise.
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