Bradley Downs

The Promise I Lost

Tried as i did, the promises i made
The moments we had and the songs that were played
The sharing of feelings and talks that went on
The way we existed; somewhere it went wrong

Influence on my lifestyle, back then and now
We learnt from each other. Unjust I ask how?
Why? What if? And where?
Never a moment in this life will we ever again share.

It hurts i know, everyone else feels it to
We do things in vain over lost loved ones like you
We think and reason, oh the pain we go through
Now things are so different and we all have our own view.

I've found peace i think but i've come a long way
I've struggled introspectively and reasoned my say
A life once so shining now ceases to remain
But we all must encounter this challenge in the same

For we know the path
but sometimes chose not to acknowledge
Cos its unmistakeable tracks show the wrath and pledge
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