Bradley Downs

The Man Whose Heart Broke

The man whose heart broke/
Passed me with a smile so blue/
No more is his home his own/
Where do you go when nobody wants you? /

Give up everything you've known/
And still the world hates you/
Go again to start a life/
There's nothing left here you can do./

How has it come to this? /
What are we doing right now? /
Why so many promises and excuses? /
How much torment can the rest of us allow? /

I've seen the beast come out, and so has she/
I've seen it in her; i feel it in me/
I faced it with strength; i've gazed into its eyes/
I saw past those desparate, pride driven lies./

Now all i see is a beast with no fire/
Head hanging low, no drive no desire/
Enslaved to the system, just managing to hold/
Waiting for the day that the whole world will fold.
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