Bogdan Dragos

December 08, 1992
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life was pretty nice to us

same thing
After a painful breakup
she would
have her sister over
for some hardcore drinking
and nasty chatting

there would be a little over
ten shots of tequila
with salt and no lemon
that brought along their favorite

"When I told you to
lie down on the carpet," her sister
said, "and I brought the
dog over you and jerked
him off in
your hair."

"Crazy bitch."

"No, it was funny! It was funnier when
dad saw you with
that shit stuck in your hair and
your collar and he
beat up our babysitter's boyfriend who
visited that day. Hahahahaha!"

"Poor fucker..."

"Yeah. Him dying in the
hospital put daddy
behind bars, you know?"

"I know."

"And then it was all heaven for us."

"It was?"

"Duh. We were free to
go out with guys then. Mom didn't mind. She
had her own."

"Yeah, I guess
life was
pretty nice to us..."
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