Bogdan Dragos

December 08, 1992
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high commandment

from the violet cloud above
God stretched a
hand and passed down to him
the dagger with
a blade made of frozen shit

“Take this,” said God, “and pose
yourself at the
gates of the school. Offer to
clean the
students under the fingernails
and toenails with it.
Now go.”

He woke up when
the mongrel dog whose tail he grabbed
and squeezed and pulled
started to cry and bark
and turn to bite at his hand

He screamed and backed away from
the poor thing
and watched it run away

He looked at himself

Naked and smeared with soot
and mud and whatnot

He looked around him

The landfill
just outside town

He fell to his knees

Damn, those were some good mushrooms

He stood and walked
back towards the town
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