Bogdan Dragos

December 08, 1992
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She came from work pretty early
and I knew when I
saw her that
she quit yet again

She changed four jobs in the last
five months and
got a tattoo that said APATHY
on her lower back

Her father died five months ago. He
died of what's called
He was sipping on a beer bottle while
driving fairly slow
on a country road
But the front wheels hit some log
or something
and the impact triggered the
It bloomed in his face and stabbed
the beer bottle into
his eye
causing him a major trauma to the brain

old man.

Maybe not your wife but
your daughter sure will miss you

She's coming from work
dirty and ragged
Approaches me and demands a cigarette

I give her a small lighter

and she tells me to go
fuck myself

"Well you're done with work
early today," I tell her.

"I quit," she says.

"Really? What was it this time?"

"What's every time, deepshit. The boss
or the coworkers or
the customers. Or all of them.
Motherfuckers expect you to work on
holidays. Imagine
that. Like, Christmas is in three
days, for fuck's sake."

"I work on holidays," I say

"That's cuz you's a pussy-ass-bitch
who won't say no when you
mean it. You're like...
all the rest of 'em."

"Maybe," I say. "But also, if I'm at
work I don't have to be with my relatives
and that's
a plus in my book."

"Pff, yeah, whatever. Lend me
a ten, will ya?"

"Best I can do is a five. And you
can keep the lighter."
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