Blaine B

September 2005 - Australia
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Lovers' Lips

"Soul meets soul on lovers' lips" – Percy Shelley
Soul mates.
Our connection was so pure,
Our hearts combined as if they were made for each other,
As if we were made for each other,
And when your hand
Meets mine,
That connection is only made stronger,
Your fingertips shock my skin with pure joy,
Your lips send a jolt through mine,
Your touch makes my
Soul dance,
To the sound of your heart beating calmly,
The opposite to mine,
Which pounds in my chest whenever you’re present,
Even more when I feel your breath
On my neck,
We were unannounced lovers,
With an unproclaimed passion for each other,
We were simple, quiet lovers,
Until us
Lovers’ were separated,
Separated only by the border between reality and fantasy,
Pried apart by a “cure”,
You were torn away from me before I could tell you,
That I cannot live without your
Lips against mine.
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