Billie Spratlin

Jacksonville, Florida

Justice And Peace For All

We are fighting for justice and peace for all,
And our young men are answering the call.
They are giving their lives for you and for me,
On land, in the air, and out on the sea.
They are brave and strong, and have faith in God.
And are fighting for the land their forefathers trod.
If they can fight for justice and peace.
Let's not let our efforts cease. Let us back home, toil-from light to dark
So our boys, can hit their mark,
This justice and peace, although it is old,
Is a tale that years and centuries unfold.
Our country was founded upon this claim,
And it's our privilege to keep it the same.
This was and conflict, I know will soon end.
For justice and peace; to God are akin.
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