Billie Spratlin

Jacksonville, Florida

A Christ- Like World

A Christ-like world is what we need,
To turn us away from our strife and greed,
We need to walk with God each day,
And work and wait, for him, and pray. If we'll open our hearts, Christ will come in,
Then we'll be free from all worry and sin.
All our trust in Him should abide.
Because He's always at our side, All this world is full of strife,
We must never forget; for this Christ gave His life.
Whenever we get discouraged and blur,
We should take it to Christ; our friend tried and true.
He's ever faithful to the end.
And will cleanse us and heal us of all of our sin.
A "Christ-like world, can never be seen,
Unless we dare to pray and glean.
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