Bessie Groves

Minehead, Somerset, UK

Morning Joy

Morning light shines through the trees
birds flutter 'round in search of food
Fruit, nuts, crumbs of bread they seize
Then away they fly to the distant wood.

In the next field two donkeys bray
Then away on the hill a fox barks out
Good morning world they seem to say
We've plenty of things to shout about.

Everywhere animals wake to a new day
Spider spin, among the leaves and grass
Rabbits hop and skip in play
How pleasantly the time begins to pass.

Blackberries spill their fruit around
Nuts tumble from branches in the breeze
Acorn cups are strewn on the ground
Squirrels hurry with the store they seize.

The trees move their branches and sigh
A breeze gives them a knowing nudge, to play
Pigeons coo in the branches up on high
Below a beetle makes its weary way.
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