Bernice Hooks

Los Angeles, California

Mother Of God

The mother of God was great with child;
While she carried our Saviour so meek and mild;
A woman of virtue never knew a man;
Until after giving birth by Jehovah's plan;

Conceived by the Holy Spirit in the seed of a woman;
Jesus was both God and man as he trod the land;
Son of a carpenter, prophet, priest and King of kings;
Because Jesus is God who created everything;

In the book of life Mary's name is written down;
And she like us will one day wear a crown;
Redeemed up in heaven so bright and fair;
Saints, the righteous people will meet up there;

It will be one great family, the nations of the earth;
Who accepted Christ's righteousness, the new birth;
Given freely to all who on the Saviour call;
Our mediator and advocate now in the judgement hall;

He loves you very much;
Will you please get in touch;
He is waiting up there;
To hear a sinner's prayer.
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