Basele Stephen

Dawn of the '90, Kenya
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hands akimbo
aimlessly walking down, the street
eyes fixed afar,
don’t seem to see
a vehicle comes to an instant halt
meters from her empty frame
for her mind -flew off into the wide blue yonder
her dreams left already
roaming the length and breadth of the wide universe

her thoughts, from far away
roaming, seeking peace that won’t be found from within
the abyss of her soul so empty
void and formless
void and formless
a bottomless pit

now her dreams have deserted
left her at a cross roads
the dreams she has toiled so much
to build,
in darkness and struggle
she toiled, day and night
with sweat and blood
with sweat and blood
in darkness and struggle
held them dear
built mansions
lost networks and friends
who stood in the way of her dreams!

but today,
she is facing a painful rejection
betrayal by the dreams she toiled to build
like her uncle’s son
she took him to school
but today stands in the way of her dreams
her dreams
that stayed with her,
all the night in darkness
in poverty
but left at dawn
when the pearly rays of the morning sun
protrude up the horizon
to shine on the world below.
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