Ayadh Farooq

Dubai, U.A.E.


I look towards her and she starts to cry
Tears run down her cheeks and vanish
She turns to me for solace, I can offer her none,
I say, pray to the Lord, and have patience

I know now she has her doubts, but she waits
She has been taught to believe she has patience
For she sees no way other, so she prays silently
She hopes for miracles, but there are none

I realize she is susceptible, so unsure of herself
Should I take advantage I now ponder
I could shatter her beliefs show her the truth
My truth. The way I look at life, My way.

I am not what it may seem just a realist
I see life as life should be, not as is
For I feel truth has been distorted, to suit people
And I have found it, discovered the right path

But then who am I, to bring about this irreverence?
I am just a mere being amongst hundreds
Why should I be the one chosen to lead
To disclose to people when they prefer blindness.

So I turn away from her, and she stares on
She feels I too have left her in her time of need
She is left speechless, only her eyes speak
Alone and lonely, the way of this world.

I feel I have let her down very badly
But I did what I thought best, I am no prophet
If I was to create this world it would be unlike
But then there'd be no world, and where would I be?
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