Autumn George

August 12, 2003 - New South Wales
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Ode to Air Horns and Orb Rest

Oh, to think on how much you love me!
Your brown orbs full of sunlight and smiles
The sparkle on the corner of your mouth
The way the water runs on the grass

The sound of your voice, the rushing of the river
Your laugh echoes in the forest of my soul
And you hold me in the best parts,
The best parts of my dreams.

Love me, Faeran King, and I will follow you
Yes, to the ends of the earth I will run.
Abandon me, and I will crawl in the dark
The sun will hide behind your shadow.

I ask for nothing except for permission to love you
Let me lift my eyes to your sunny smile
The expression that fills your face during
Those times when we forget everything else
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