Ashraf Gohar Goreja

Travelling In Spring

Lilacs are about to bloom
In the backyard of our home
Spring is returning as before
Making many faces smile
And your rosy dimples that I adore.

But you will be far away
During the time of their first blush
And there after they will
Continue to blossom at my door
Finding you away, they will lose their thrill.

You embarked your journey
During the dawn of spring
When the twilight still to unfold
The secrets of our never-ending love
That made our life prettier and bold.

Return home my darling, spring can't wait
Smiling lilacs, in our backyard
Can't even remain fresh in your absence
Your gleaming beauty, elicit their eternity
For you are blissful, and a fountain of radiance.
Bluish green trees around the house
Will soon spread their innocent hands
Towards the heavens, clear and blue
Asking our Almighty God
His Mercy for all the time, and praying for you.

Ashraf Gohar Goreja
copyright March 8th,2003.
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