Ashley Williams

January 24th, 1984 - Boston Mass
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There once was a woman tamed with internal toil
Guarded and gutted, lost and forgotten
Her heart brimmed with passion for the broods she bore
Yet the stagnant air wept at the musty wooden door

No longer rising by the sun’s sail
Her heavy limbs silently seeped toward the floor
Too weary to feel too numb to mourn

The degree of fear she’s felt within was no flaw
As the depths of her inner being
Released the power her mind controlled
And there was nothing left to hide

The hard floor held her thin and worn body
As the lines on her forehead cried out “look up! Look up!”
To her thick drooping brows

No sooner had she let her heavy eyelids drop
The darkness pulled her toward its celestial blue
And she was held in its wild embrace

She flew by way of frigid air seeping through her skin
The wispy mist skipped across the endless sea
And spoke to its eternity

The harsh wind whispered and weaved
Howling to the Earth’s most unforgiving rage
As it unraveled the insoluble query of her clouded mind
Her busy heart made way for what she’d left behind

It was not some deep divine awakening,
Or a holy reminder that revived her
It was the tiny soft hand that slid into hers

The sweetest kiss that calmed her nerves
The big blue eyes, so patient and kind
A love so deep there was nothing left to find

Her sticky body rose off the hard wood floor
And together they opened that musty wooden door
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