Anne Sicola

Union Beach, NJ

The Ship Of Hope

The Ship of Hope sails back and forth
To help the sick, the weary and the lost
It sails at dawn and forever more
The ship makes it stop at every port

The gang plank for all is wide and white
The yawning port holes are inviting and bright
For all who come the trip is free
The whistles blows, the motor roars, the ship is off to sea

The sea and the earth meet so beautifully
What God has created so majestically
The sight of clouds look like heaven made of snow
To let us all understand there is a God we all know.

All this The Ship of Hope offers to all
To let us all know and understand the Lord's plan
To release all from their burden from the beckon of His cross
The Ship of Hope carries all, for none are lost.
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