Anne M. Blanchard

Seattle, Washington

What To Do?

The world is full of strife and trouble,
not much peace and quiet, that's for sure.
Violence and meanness are raging
over air and streets that once were pure. Goodness can't seem to overcome bad,
no matter how hard it tries.
Wickedness comes from everywhere,
stealing and hurting and telling of lies. Honesty has almost disappeared,
a handshake used to be a contract.
Now they give you five, doesn't mean a thing,
even if you're given eye contact. What shall we do when good is all gone?
Forces of evil the remaining reaction?
Will the walls of the universe fold in,
our escaping steps lose all traction? There will be no way to redeem us,
our prayers a wasting of breath.
Then the only way we can save us
will be the forgiveness and solace of death.
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