Anne F. Doyle

Mexico, Missouri


The state I love is Missouri,
Where People live happy and free.
Although I am not a native,
It has really been home to me.
It is named for a famous old river
From the west--on to the east side,
Then on to the end of the boot heel.
Mighty MO rolls along with the tide,

There is so much beautiful scenery,
Mountains, forests and streams.
The beauty and wonder of Nature
Surpasses all my fondest dreams
Wildflowers are growing profusely,
Everywhere birds chirp and sing,
The dogwood, hawthorne and redbud
Are spectacular here in the spring.

The little towns are delightful,
The cities imposing and great.
But the best part of Missouri
Are the people of "The Show-Me State"
Missourians are so hospitable
Always ready to lend a hand
To them it doesn't matter
If you came from another land.

Every locale has it's good points,
And most people love their own state.
That is the way it should be,
But I think Missouri is great,
You can have your north and southland.
Your eastern and western states too..
But I'll take the heart of the nation
And the grand old state of Missouri.
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