Anna Wade

Michigan, USA

I Am That Woman

Yes! I walked out of the dust of the jungle,
But don't hate me.
For I was strong and beautiful, without any deceiving ways,
Until I walked into your trap.
I'm not your slave nor your whore,
Or a piece of trash that you feel you can kick out
When I no longer fit into your web.
Get real! For I know where I came from
And I defiantly know who I am.
And for heaven's sake,
Don't pity me, for I know exactly where I am going,
And I will get there with or without your help
As for who I am, well,
I am that woman who worked your fields,
I am that woman who cleaned your homes,
I am that woman who took care of your children,
I am that woman who cooked your meals, and yes
I am even that woman you felt free to rape, who
was never given credit for all the things I accomplished in life.
But I forgive you for your shortcomings
Yet after all this time, I'm still that woman
whom you think, just wants to sit around on welfare
with a house full of kids,
Drinking forty ounces... because I'm too lazy to work.
Take a minute and get serious, for I'm not asking for a
handout or pity.
I just want to be treated with respect!
For I am still that woman who walked out of the dust of the jungle,
And yes, I am still strong and beautiful.
Do I feel you owe me something? Well yes, as a matter of fact, I do
You owe me my day in the sun, and my place in time.
But don't worry, because soon I will have my day in the sun.
And I will proudly walk up and take back
my place in time again.
So don't pity me, and hold me back.
Just get out of my way and give me a chance to be all that I am,
And let me push forward,
To be all I shall become, for I am that woman.
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