Amie Dison

Talladega, AL, USA

Two Seas Collide

Lord, I hurt, he said, daughter I heal
Lord, I've failed you, he said, My blood forgives
Lord, I'm weak, he said, I'll make you strong
Just step inside my loving arms

Lord, I'm falling, he said, I'll lift you up
Lord, I'm a sinner, he said, You're cleansed by my blood
Lord, I'm not worthy, he said Daughter I am
you will inherit a robe and a crown.

Lord, I'm dying, he said, My child you live
Lord, I'm drowning, he said, My breath I give
Lord, I'm selfish, he said, Leave that to me
I will change you only believe.

Lord, have mercy, he said, I always will
Lord, I'm hungry, he said, My bread doth fill.
Lord, I'm thirsty, he said, My fountain's not dry
Why do you worry I'm in your life.

When darkness surrounds you I am your light
Your bank of Salvation where Two Seas Collide
When strong waves wash over I'll drive them back
I am your stronghold when the enemy attacks.
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