Alice Louise Salter

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

The Master Artist

Between age five and now - it's been a long time -
If I've held one position - it's been a hundred;
Many in order to earn - others just to learn.
School came first; often I was needed at home -
At times one known or unknown sought me out. The amazing thing now is how each piece fits
Into a still-evolving, ever-clearer picture!
Was it intended? The colors are from a palette
More bright and varied than an artist could
With careful blends of subtle shades ever dream;
The picture so perfect in accent and tone -
The Master Artist, and He alone, must hold the palette! Not one year of those many I was teacher or professor,
No single experience as volunteer, part-timing -
Oh, so much of it, as college and university
Schedules shifted for this term or that semester -
No, not a single one of the pieces was lost;
Each is apparent if one studies closely the picture.
"But why, just why was all of this?"
As I helped each one in every way I could -
But with so little money - I found,
As I learned, more lies in caring.
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