Alice June

Santa Cruz, CA, USA

My Life

If when I am through living on this earth,
Would it be questionable as to the worth?
If you are sad remembering me,
Then you never really knew me.
I raised my voice for those who needed to hear, Made noises with laughter far and near.
I danced to music from a different time,
And did my share of standing in line.
I loved many a person and was loved back,
I had friends and companions never to lack.
Poetry flowed sporadically through my pen,
Some sad and serious, and license of such I did bend.
Singing was certainly an added forte,
On the beach and in the water I did play.
I believe I touched many a heart and soul,
In this lifetime, leaving them with thoughts of a goal.
The music I played and the music I taught,
Reached far deeper than I ever thought.
They say; if you have just one life time friend,
Then you have accomplished something to the end.
Mine are more; three fold,
And when I die, I shall be old.
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