Ali Abdullah

September 8, 1992 - Amman, Jordan
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I just wanna say you were thinking right
When you were sippin’ on your cheap old wine

Told me “Ali let’s get things straight
This relationship is going nowhere
And I’m afraid I’ll get attached
Then you’ll leave me for your plans”

“I don’t wanna have laughs today
And feel broken in a couple years
Let’s stop talking right now
Avoid pain and save up tears
They were amazing couple of months
But I’m thinking right, I wanna end it here
I won’t forget what we had
You’ll always be in my memories”

Anxiety hit me when the talk got real
I don’t want you but I need you to stay
Mind want to let go of no sense
But my heart refuse, don’t wanna part ways

I was thinking a glass or two
Are doing the job and working fine
Im not used to the tone of truth
Cause tonight she’s sounding real wise

You said what was going through my head
Since the beginning, for a month or two
Decision was long set that when I choose a wife
It’ll never be you

Cautiously started my talk the next day

“Hello, how was work today?”
“Stressing a bit and you were missed”
“Girl why did you say that yesterday?”
“I was being dramatic, please forget”

Ohhh the sober you
Eeeasy to be fooled
Ohhh that glass of wine
Saw through me and read my mind

Until we’re done and this shit end
Do me a favor and put down your drink
Let’s be together for a fair pretend
I don’t want you to be sane again
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