Alexander Palmer

March 29, 2004 - Florida
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descent from zion

The angels' wings are broken, their halos lie upon the floor,
I gave all I was to the heavens, and still they wanted more,
All I feel is the dread of waiting, all I know is to count my breaths,
I sit upon the cliff's rocky edge and contemplate how many are left.

And today I watched a vulture pick over a rabbit's rotting corpse,
And today my church told me this agony was a gift from the Lord,
Today my doctor told me this was par for the course,
Today I sat on the cliff's edge and considered falling on my sword.

These mountains are my chapel, the birds' screeches are my hymns,
I watch them die against a darkened sky and think upon my sins,
This path is well trodden, I will sit by this cliff again,
Till they find my rotting corpse and call it heaven sent.

I am alone, in these summits, I am alone in this wretched life,
I am alone surrounded by people, I am alone when I feel the bite of my knife,
The prayers I pray are nearly silent, they are certainly unheard,
My life was full of quiet violence, my life did not measure up to His word.

And today I watched the vultures pull apart the angels' wings,
Today I broke upon that summit and joined the birds in their screams,
I throw myself from Zion, think of my legacy what you will,
I will join those burning before stepping into their chapel of hell.
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