Airen Zorom

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Round and Round

You are a servant in this damned world,
But give an order like a king.
To open the door, you have a password.
You live in a room that out of spring.

Could you open your soul to the wind,
But that wind is just in your head.
Or could you let go of your sin?
With a new game, you would start instead.

You will deal the cards in a new way,
Aces all just for you, please be sure.
Then show them your talents today
And drowning your dream in a moor.

Every day you wear a new mask,
Once humiliate others, then belittle yourself.
You will never fail or interrupt task.
And continue to fight with Nothing.

You rejoice of tricky riddles,
Trying to unravel the void.
To get rid of all the sadness
You've been by cigarettes destroyed.

You will return to the empty house,
Where only the echo speaks to you.
Inside of yourself, you find the last forces.
To understand that what was the truth.

Drink some anger at night,
But before try little tears.
And tomorrow starts over with light.
Just don't howl like a dog with fear.
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