I Fancy Seeing You

In moments of solitude and silence
I lose myself, dissolved,
Delving into my past,
And I immensely think of you

I think of you,
And since you’ve gone
I am revisited by the
Frequent feeling that
I am left lost,
And aimlessly stray

I think of you,
And suddenly, I see beams
Of a leading, guiding light
That brighten my path
And warm my heart

And winged angels
Hover over my soul

And by the sole serendipity
Of your presence,
I am rescued and consoled

I think of you,
And I fancy the thought
That you are embracing me
And I sense the reassuring
Solace of your embrace

I feel connected to my roots,
And I am savoring the present
While you are bestowing your
Ancient wisdom upon me
And, solemnly, you are
Prophesying my future

I think of you,
And I fancy the thought that
I am sitting with you
And I smell the incense of
Serenity and spirituality
Surrounds and secures
My soul

I think of you,
And I fancy the thought
That I am listening to you
Telling me your endless,
Enthralling, ethical stories—
Precious life-lessons

Your sequence and style
Are engaging
Your raspy voice is
And captivating

Your morals are immortal
And your thoughts of wisdom
Wander—through my mind

I think of you,
And I fancy the thought, just
That I am sitting with you
And I am condoled on
Your corporal absence
And I am content with
Your spiritual presence

Suddenly, I rouse and realize
That I am merely dreaming

Hence, I am deeply saddened by
The sudden stall of my heavenly fancy

And, to sooth myself,
I begin reflecting on my dream

Then, I console my soul
To the fancy of seeing you more

Yet, until eternity, I shall endure
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